Làm cách nào bật chức năng Two-Step Verfifcation không cần dùng số điện thoại trên Amazon

If you have to manage multiple Amazon Accounts for you clients, you don’t have many phone numbers to manage be frustrated by Two-Step Verification (2SV) of Amazon Login System. This tutorial is for you.

  1. Enable Two-Step Verification without Phone number.
    • Go to click to Account & Lists link on top right of page, then go to Your Account
    • Click on Login & security then Click Edit and Get Start
    • Choose Authenticator App
    • Open Google App Authenticator (You can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store). Click on Plus button on the app then choose Scan QR code
    • Point the camera to QR Code that you see on Amazon Site
    • Then Enter the number appears on the app to the box below QR code. Then hit Verify OTP
    • Next, Enter any phone number and check to the box Skip verification then click Save backup number
    • Check on Don’t Require OTP on this browser then click Got it. Turn on Two-Step Verification
    • Done! You have enable 2SV without any phone number.
  2. Disable Two-Step Verification 
    • In some service of Amazon(Merch By Amazon, Amazon Seller Center, etc.) they require 2SV to edit some information. But you still want to disable 2SV to easy login to system. You can do check this step.
    • Got to same page that you enable 2SV. You can click to Disable button (look the image below)
    • Remove phone number if needed
    • Now your account still save Authenticator App as 2SV method. But you still can login into account from any where without asking OTP from Authenticator.

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