Merch Uploader

The most powerful tool for Merch By Amazon Seller.

Are you a Merch By Amazon Seller? Are you tired of modifying keywords, managing, uploading designs? Merch Uploader is the right tool for you.

With Merch Uploader tool, you can mange your designs, accounts and keywords in the same place. Eventually, it will help to upload all of your designs to your Merch By Amazon Account with just single click. The tool will simulate human actions (clicks) to upload your designs to your account(s).


  • Manage  Accounts
  • Mange  Unlimited Designs
  • Auto Upload Unlimited Designs
  • Upload to UK, US, DE Market
  • Upload All Type of Shirts/Hoodie
  • Auto Generate Front Image For Hoodie
  • Auto Choose Product Colors
  • Auto Fill Product Title by File Name
  • Preview Product Information Before Upload
  • Edit/Save Preview Product Information
  • Auto Warning pre-defined Keywords
  • Auto select/deselect Youth Type based on Keywords
  • Set Password Protected on Mange Account
  • GoodMerch Chrome Extension to track your sale.

Coming Features:

  • Upload Multiple Products (BETA) New
  • Export all sale information of all account to CSV File
  • Warning TM Keywords from CSV File
  • Auto fill Keywords Or Bullet Points from Cloud.

See detail: Click Here

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